They call her Magik. Although her real name is Illyana Rasputina. Let me introduce you to the Soulsword wielder.

Powers of the Soulsword

  • Mystic Right: The Soulsword is a physical manifestation of Magik‚Äôs magical powers as well as the limbo dimension she rules. As the Soulsword is the living embodiment of Illyana Rasputin, whomever owns the sword is considered to be the ruler of Limbo (Otherplace) just as Illyana once was. Only the ruler of Limbo can weild the sword and only the wielder of the sword can rule limbo.
  • Strike the Supernatural: The Soulsword has been shown to only harm magical creatures or objects — it rarely injures non-magical beings or items.
  • Maim the Ethereal: Intangible and ethereal beings can also be struck, as Shadowcat painfully learned.
  • Counter/Break Spell: When Magik uses the Soulsword to strike a person who is possessed, ensorcelled, or otherwise magically controlled or transformed the sword will be able to counter or break the spell.
  • Stepping Disc Control: The Soulsword can be used to control Limbo’s ‘stepping discs.’
  • Spell Sword: Jimaine has learned to ‘draw’ spells with the sword using arcane symbols.
  • Sword Summoning: Magik can store her Soulsword in nothingness and summon it whenever she desires.
  • Summon Armor: It can also be used to summon promethium battle armor around the wearer.
  • Augment Magic: Any magic user who holds the Soulsword instantly has their mystic abilities augmented.

In conclusion, you don’t mess with the Soulsword wielder.


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